Prior to an Audio Described performance, a Touch Tour can take place, giving patrons the opportunity to feel the set, props and costumes, to put the performance into context. As you take your seat at the front of the Stalls, a helpful member of staff will issue you with a personal headset, through which the description is relayed. Our Audio Describers, start their description 15 minutes before the performance with a detailed introduction. During the show, they describe what is happening on the stage when there is no dialogue. This live commentary comes via your personal headphones.

Audio Description services are available for the following performances:

Hairspray on Thursday 15th August at 2pm. Touch tour is at 1pm.

Birdsong on Thursday 24th October at 2pm.

Aladdin on Friday 13th December at 2pm.

All with touch tours on stage at 11.30am unless stated above

Hearing Enhancement

Hearing Enhancement

We use a headset for our audio described performances. Ask our ushers for your headset.

Top tips for enhancing your visit if you are using audio description:

  • Book a seat close to the front. Headsets lose their effectiveness beyond a certain distance so the closer you are to the stage, the better the experience.
  • When using one of our headsets ensure that it's not covered by any clothing (e.g. a scarf) so as not to block the infra-red signal.

Any queries, please feel free to contact us (or your audiologist) in advance of your visit, or talk to an usher on the night. For more information email