The staff of the Everyman Theatre work diligently to provide a barrier free facility to serve the needs of our visitors

Accessible parking spaces are available in Regent Street

There is level access and automatic doors to the building from Regent Street

There are 7 wheelchair spaces in the Stalls area of the main auditorium and 1 wheelchair space in the Irving Studio Theatre

There are accessible toilets on the Upper Circle and Stalls levels

There is a wheelchair accessible lift to all floors

Guide/assistance dogs are welcome in the building

Audio described, sign language interpreted and captioned performances are available. Individual show pages within the site will display symbols when these services are available. For a list of performances click here. A list of performances featuring these services is listed below.

We have a sound enhancement system. Using a headset (with or without a hearing aid) you can boost the volume of the performance. Ask our ushers for your headset

Please note: this is not a loop system, it is an infra-red system. In order to use the infra-red hearing system whilst wearing a hearing aid you will need to have a T-setting on your hearing aid. If you are not sure, please speak to your audiologist prior to your visit to the theatre. Without a T-setting your hearing aid will not be able to connect to the infra-red system.

Top tips for enhancing your visit if you are hard of hearing:

  • Book a seat close to the front. Hearing aids lose their effectiveness beyond a certain distance so the closer you are to the stage, the better the experience
  • If using one of our headsets (either with or without a hearing aid) ensure that it's not covered by any clothing (e.g. a scarf) so as not to block the infra-red signal

Any queries, please feel free to contact us (or your audiologist) in advance of your visit, or talk to an usher on the night. For more information email 


Prior to an Audio Described performance, a Touch Tour can take place, giving patrons the opportunity to feel the set, props and costumes, to put the performance into context. As you take your seat at the front of the Stalls, a helpful member of staff will issue you with a personal headset, through which the description is relayed. Our Audio Describers, start their description 15 minutes before the performance with a detailed introduction. During the show, they describe what is happening on the stage when there is no dialogue. This live commentary comes via your personal headphones.

Audio Description services are available for the following performances:

Dick Whittington on Friday 16th December at 2pm


Captions are similar to television subtitles. The actors’ words appear on display units, placed on either side of the stage, at the same time as they are spoken or sung. Speaker names, sound effects and offstage noises are also shown as text. Audience members for captioned performances can sit where they prefer, however centre/side Circle or centre/side Stalls are recommended.

Captioning services are available for the following performances:
There are currently no confirmed captioned performances, please check again soon.


Our Sign Language Interpreter stands to one side of the stage and interprets the script and language used by the performers at the same time as it is being performed.

We are offering a BSL performance for:

Dick Whittington on Monday 2nd January at 2pm


Relaxed performances are open to everyone, but the environment has been specifically adapted for individuals with an Autistic Spectrum Condition, those with sensory and communication disorders, those with learning disabilities and anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed environment including pre-school children and people with dementia. These performances are adapted in a variety of ways in order to reduce anxiety and ensure a safe and enjoyable live theatre experience. There is a relaxed attitude to audience noise, the lights in the auditorium remain on low throughout the show, sudden loud noises are softened and audience members are free to leave and re-enter the auditorium at any point. There is a Chill Out Room, where a space is made available for audience members who need a bit of quiet time before and during the performance.

We are offering relaxed performances for:

The Snow Queen on Wednesday 14th December at 11.30am

Lark Rise to Candleford on Thursday 15th December at 2.30pm

Dick Whittington on Wednesday 4th January at 10.30am and 4.30pm.

Download our Relaxed Performance Info Pack here.