Youth Theatre

Youth Theatre

Performance - Confidence Building - Make New Friends

The Everyman Youth Theatre believes that every young person should have the space, time and opportunity to creatively express themselves.

The Everyman Youth Theatre’s mission is to provide every child and young person with the space, time and opportunity to creatively express themselves.

We actively approach our work in a way that prioritises the process over the final product. This means that we invest in the process of a show more than the actual show itself - providing professional theatre makers and creative teams, to give the young people we work with, the opportunity to learn from multiple people with a clear eye on development. This doesn’t mean that the shows we produce are rubbish! In fact, we find by investing in the process the final production has a richer performance quality.


We have sessions available for the following ages:

- 4-7 years

- 8-10 years

- 10-12 years

- 13-20 years

Worried about the membership fee?

Don't be - We have an extensive, non-intrusive bursary scheme, to ensure financial pressures don't stop young people taking part.

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If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Youth Theatre team by emailing

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