Vasil - part of the Cheltenham International Film Festival
Cheltenham International Film Festival

Vasil - part of the Cheltenham International Film Festival

This screening forms part of Cheltenham International Film Festival, which marks its 5th anniversary in 2023. The festival will screen new films from around the world, plus film classics and is adding television, and new live events to its programme, along with guest celebrities.

A Bulgarian immigrant of many talents starts a new life a Spain. 

Vasil (Ivan Barnev) is a Bulgarian immigrant who has travelled to Spain to find work and a new life. His skills at chess and bridge lead to Spanish acquaintance Alfredo (Karra Elejalde) offering Vasil a place to stay until he gets his working papers and a new job. An offer which upsets Alfredo’s family.

The subject of immigrants is a very divisive one in today’s society. First time feature director Avelina Prat treats the subject with humour and empathy, presenting a more balanced view than can be found in the rhetoric of modern media. Buoyed by an extremely likeable central performance, this is a warm and engaging story of a man with many talents, chief of which is the ability to bring out the best in others.


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