Stroud Theatre Festival

The Terrible Puppet Company - Brains on Toast

The Stroud Theatre Festival returns for its 10th anniversary from 16th-18th September. A celebration of theatre with a wealth of performances covering a range of styles and genres from across the country as well as local talent from Gloucestershire.

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Man and stunt rabbit combine in a heart-warming comedy of healing the body and freeing the mind for these strange warm times.’ How we think, do we think, can we think, and what if a bit of your brain gets removed or something else put in there with it. Like an indestructible Scots stunt bunny called Rabbie. After a successful premiere in 2021, Brain Injury maestro Fergus Ryan returns with Rabbie as THE TERRIBLE PUPPET COMPANY, bringing you the best in world affairs, quantum shamanism and comedy coherency. Gasp in amazement at the Psychic Raffle! Learn some neurology and find humour in a tumour! Marvel at the most inept soft toy cabaret ever seen since last year’s show! Suitable for anyone who swears a bit and is okay with brains. Catering note: please bring your own toast.

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