The Making of Lucy

The Making of Lucy

Lucy is on a mission to discover more about her family history.

As she unpicks the past she discovers through sparkling dialogue, original music and songs the truth behind the story of Ernest Gimson and the Barnsley brothers, designers and makers of wonderful buildings and furniture who came down from the Midlands to the Cotswolds early in the twentieth century. Although the three men started out as close friends, there were soon ructions and Gimson and Ernest Barnsley stopped speaking to each other. But the Gimsons taught Sapperton how to enjoy itself, while Sidney Barnsley's wife made light of a serious hearing impairment, got on with raising goats and poultry and cajoled Ernest Barnsley out of depression and into the completion of Rodmarton Manor, the last great Arts and Crafts building of the 20th Century.

Stroud Theatre Company bring the latest play from local author Frank Hatt. Frank’s previous plays produced by STC include Courtship, Elderly People Crossing and The Amazing and Preposterous Constance Smedley.

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