Property - part of the Cheltenham International Film Festival
Cheltenham International Film Festival

Property - part of the Cheltenham International Film Festival

This screening forms part of Cheltenham International Film Festival, which marks its 5th anniversary in 2023. The festival will screen new films from around the world, plus film classics and is adding television, and new live events to its programme, along with guest celebrities.

An armoured car becomes to only thing separating a woman from violent attackers in this tense siege thriller. 

Terasa is a privileged Brazilian woman who is living a reclusive life after a violent incident. To help tempt her out of the house, her husband buys her a bullet and soundproof car, in which they travel to their country estate. Soon after arriving, they are confronted by rebellious employees revolting against the news that they will become unemployed when the farm is turned into a hotel. When her husband is taken hostage, Teresa escapes and locks herself in to the car, and must use all her ingenuity to outwit her ever more desperate attackers.

The car almost becomes a character in its own right in this stylish take on the home invasion / siege thriller, which builds to a memorably shocking conclusion. Director Daniel Bandiera mixes tense action with political commentary, drawing clear parallels with Brazil’s colonial past – as well as losing their jobs, the employees are in debt to the family and see no way out but to violently take back what they consider to be their property.


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