Pricks by Jade Byrne from Blackbird Creative Arts

I've had over 70,000 pricks… Of the medical kind.

This is my chance to set the record straight about Type 1 diabetics like me. Despite what people say, I'm not bankrupting the NHS. And I can eat cake – a whole bloody cake – if I want to.

Join me as I learn to cope with the ups and downs of dealing with a lot of pricks.


This urgent, funny new show blends warmly engaging storytelling withpoetry and an original soundscape. It tells a surprisingly moving and uplifting story about families and learning to care for each other better.


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“Pricks is a tour-de-force of emotion and a vital piece of a informative theatre. It demands understanding and radiates warmth”

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“Breathtaking and incredibly moving and incredibly brave"”

James Norton - Actor

“Warmth and humanity”

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