Nightsiren - part of the Cheltenham International Film Festival
Cheltenham International Film Festival

Nightsiren - part of the Cheltenham International Film Festival

This screening forms part of Cheltenham International Film Festival, which marks its 5th anniversary in 2023. The festival will screen new films from around the world, plus film classics and is adding television, and new live events to its programme, along with guest celebrities.

It's clear who the real witches are in this Slovakian folk horror. 

Sarlotta (Natalia Germani) returns to an isolated Slovakian village after leaving it years ago following a traumatic childhood incident. Her growing friendship with an enigmatic herbalist provokes mistrust and persecution from the locals, many of whom believe she is a witch, a charge previously brought against her mother. Truth or the misogyny in an enclosed society?

Set in lush, mist shrouded woodland teeming with snakes and wolves and with some vivid psychedelic fantasy sequences, this dark allegorical chiller recalls the powerful imagery of films such as Neil Jordan’s The Company Of Wolves and Robert Eggers The Witch.


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