Messages From The Gods
Stroud Theatre Festival

Messages From The Gods

Part of the 8th Stroud Theatre Festival : Outside, Inside and Online...

Dramestics Theatre is a community-based theatre company which specialises in small performances in domestic and other settings. In its latest show, ‘Messages from the Gods’, we return to the Greek tradition of storytelling (perfect for a social distance), but hear voices which are also from the here and now. We meet some of the so-called male ‘heroes’ who inhabit the plays of the Greek playwrights, and find a connection with their stories, although not always in the ways we might imagine. Listen to Paris, to Jason, to Creon, to Odysseus, to Agamemnon, and be prepared to be surprised. Covering a range of styles, emotions and voices, join Dramestics actor and director Edward Derbyshire for this new take upon the oldest craft of all.

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