Jenny Eclair: Sixty (FFS)

Jenny Eclair: Sixty (FFS)

Sun 14th Nov

This performance has been rescheduled to Sunday, 14 November. Tickets from the originally scheduled date are valid for the new performances. There is no need to exchange your tickets. 

Having hit 60 (but still a year younger than Madonna), Jenny Eclair AKA 'The Face of Vagisan' confronts a new decade of decrepitude.

Now that it takes 20 minutes of scrolling down to find her DOB when she’s filling in forms online, should she celebrate or crawl into a hole? What will her 60’s hold for this 1960’s babe and is it a legal requirement to buy Nordic walking poles?

PS, ‘I’m carrying quite a lot of excess lock down weight, which you can feel free to discuss behind my back during the interval’.

Love Jenny x

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