Into The Breach
Into The Breach

Into The Breach

George Crocker is keen to liven up his dull life so he decides to join the village Drama Club. What happens then turns his world upside down. Set during the Second World War this original and inspiring show is suitable for anyone nine years old and above.

The play is funny, moving, entertaining and with a bit of Shakespeare thrown in.  A story of village life and the trials and triumphs of an amateur theatre company mounting a production of “Henry V”.    

Written by Mark the show has toured all over the country for the last seven years and has received some rave reviews.


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“A remarkable and truly original piece of theatre”

Bath Courier

“A great little show. It’s “Dads’ Army" meets “The Vicar of Dibley””

London Metro

“A delight, a lovely and very humorous play that fully merited the standing ovation”

Stratford Herald

“Mark Carey shows amazing dexterity and comic skill in playing all 17 parts”

The Stage