Hank Wangford (Performing with Brad Breath)
Chapel Arts

Hank Wangford (Performing with Brad Breath)

This Event Takes Place @ Chapel Arts, Cheltenham (Chapel Arts, Knapp Road (Near St. James Square), Cheltenham. GL50 3QQ)

We are thrilled to welcome the legendary Hank Wangford, performing with Brad Breath (Andy Roberts).

Hank Wangford now has a new saddle pal in the shape of Brad Breath (aka Andy Roberts). His new compadre yodelling Brad Breath is celebrated for his classic Glimpses of Gloom and his mastery of the guitar, mandolin and dulcimer. As Andy Roberts, Brad has played with The Scaffold, Bonzo Dog, Plainsong, Billy Connolly, Pink Floyd and many others.

Hank and Brad offer a show of stories from the highway of life and a clutch of original heartbreakers, toe-tappers and gems culled from the dark underbelly of Country. Laughter and pain are both sides of the same tear-stained coin.  

Dolly Parton said that Country Music “is 3 chords and the truth”.  With Hank and Brad it’s sometimes only two! 

Hank Wangford, godfather of British Country music for over 3 decades, was indoctrinated by Gram Parsons in 1970. He has lassoed the hearts and minds of his public in songs, TV series and books.

"Country music has always zeroed in on the tiniest aspects of life and love, loss, despair and triumph. It does this with great doses of irony while it laughs through the tears. With simple direct songs, stories of life, great tunes and nothing held back what more do we want? It is far from the sentimental morass of trite emotions it is often made out to be and Hank celebrates this undervalued art form and its unwavering focus on the trials of life. For some it is too emotional, too heart on the sleeve but this inability to hold back or dissemble is exactly what Hank loves.” 

 “An emotional rollercoaster ride.  From honkytonkin’ heartbroken songs of 1950s and ‘60s rural America via the 1984 British miner’s strike, right up to the present day.  Beautifully crafted original songs full of class, wit and poignant observations.  We laughed and cried – sometimes at the same time – it’s a privilege to be present on nights like these.” Mike Leigh

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