Florence: The Lesser Known Life And Legacy of Florence Nightingale
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Florence: The Lesser Known Life And Legacy of Florence Nightingale

Tue 14th May

Who was Florence Nightingale? Louise Jordan explores the legacy of this pioneering statistician who used data to call for government accountability, demanding equal healthcare for all. Through song and storytelling Jordan disrupts the traditional narrative and invites you to consider the relevance of Florence’s work today.

Florence Nightingale was a campaigner and reformer whose pioneering use of statistics called for government accountability and equal access to healthcare for all. This one-woman-performance of original song and storytelling shines a light on lesser known aspects of Florence Nightingale’s life and work, to question why Florence’s extraordinary and wide ranging achievements are so often overlooked.

Florence Nightingale spent less than two years as a nurse in the Crimea, yet she lived to the age of ninety. She spent decades campaigning for social reform worldwide, advocating equal access to healthcare for all and become an expert in areas such as land irrigation, hospital design and postal services for soldiers in order to advance her causes.

This dynamic performance celebrates Florence as a ground-breaking statistician, connecting Florence’s work in the 19th century with the issues we continue to face in 2024.

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