Stroud Theatre Festival


The Stroud Theatre Festival returns for its 10th anniversary from 16th-18th September. A celebration of theatre with a wealth of performances covering a range of styles and genres from across the country as well as local talent from Gloucestershire.

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It’s a normal day for Laura when she stumbles upon another glance of…well… herself. She’s been told several times she’s been here, there, and everywhere, which just isn’t true. But it does get her thinking… who are these ‘twins’? Does she like to bake? Did she continue dancing? Or instead, did she move away from home to run a pub? How did she end up in France? Is this what life could have been?   

Join Laura Attwood in this verbatim documentary show, where these doubles lives are coincidently similar to her life, digging out those niggling thoughts & remembering the dreams that once were. There are regrets, but also relief.

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