Giffords Circus

Circus Sauce Dinner - Stonor Park

Thu 23rd Jul - Sat 1st Aug

The Restaurant sells to 40 and is charged at £25 per person and £12.50 child - we take 50% deposit. However if a customer wants to book out the whole restaurant exclusively for their party, it's more expensive. The cost for the restaurnt exclusively is £1470 (50% is £735.00). They can actually take up to 42 for this.I know that it doesn't make any sense and should be cheaper for a large group - but its their rules not ours! If you get any hassle, just explain that we have to apply their pricing structure and if they want to query direct with giffords, give out the number.If someone does want to book it all out, can you just book 1 ticket on the "FULL" £735.00 price BUT EMAIL ME WITH DETAILSOF WHICH DAY AND HOW MANY THEY WILL BE TAKING. I will need to block off the remiander of the tickets on Patron Edge. This isn't going to happen often - I think there was just one we booked for in 2010.The Restaurant Manager will phone the customer before the date to check on any food allergies/veggie options etc.but if they offer the info, put it into the notes please. Make sure you TAKE A TELEPHONE NUMBER so that we can pass this toGiffords.The restaurant is not licensed so customers can taske their own beer/wine etc. - no corkage charge.Restaurant Manager is Maisie - 07502 132729.

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