Stroud Theatre Festival

Chalguh Chengi

The Stroud Theatre Festival returns for its 10th anniversary from 16th-18th September. A celebration of theatre with a wealth of performances covering a range of styles and genres from across the country as well as local talent from Gloucestershire.


"Chalguh Chengi" - "spirit of live music and dance" in Turkish - is a vibrant, family-friendly experience introducing the unique songs and dances of Turkey and the Middle East. A large ensemble of musicians and dancer bring veils, sticks, swords, Middle Eastern percussion, oud, accordion, violin, clarinet, zurna, davul, kemenche, qanoon and saz to your local park. Following a hugely successful tour of England in 2021 Chalguh Chengi is visiting even more parks and public spaces in 2022 thanks to support from Arts Council England. All these events are free and open to the public.

Yallah Stroud! Chalguh Chengi Ensemble: Lulu Austin, Violin Ufuk Borucu, Qanoon Elvin Herrick, Middle Eastern Percussion Anna Kemper Dance, Percussion Simon Leach Oud, Saz, Zurna, Percussion Jo Levine Piano Accordion, Voice, Percussion Tom Parry Clarinet, Ney, Percussion Sevilay Turlington Voice, Classical Kemence, Percussion

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