Buzz Buzz Buzz presents Darren Hayman

Buzz Buzz Buzz presents Darren Hayman

A welcome return to the studio for the former singer and front person of Hefner, a much-loved cult indie band and favourite of John Peel. Since then, Darren’s career has been remarkably broad and has made albums on varied subject matters including the Essex Witch Trials, British lidos, and the twelve astronauts who walked on the moon. With Support from Edd Donovan.

Darren has recently completed his exhaustive award-winning project on Britain’s 55 Thankful Villages. A Thankful Village is a village where every soldier returned home alive from the First World War. The project yielded an impressive trilogy of double albums and a radio 4 documentary for good measure.

Darren’s newest album ‘Hometime’ is a much more intimate affair and possibly the most personal record of his career. The album describes a break-up in detail though remains funny and irreverent throughout.

On this occasion Darren will be including songs from his latest release ‘Hometime’, as well as songs from the Hefner back catalogue which will have recently been reissued on vinyl.  

Edd Donovan is a highly distinctive singer and songwriter with a rare, original talent. His sound is heartfelt – comforting, yet challenging – wise. Originally from Merseyside, he has made his home in Gloucestershire.

He’s a folk songwriter in the most contemporary sense. He creates songs that tell stories of modern life, whilst weaving meaning and magic with glorious melodies. Songs that are “Political, poignant....profound” Americana, UK.


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