Apocalypse Kernow
Stroud Theatre Festival

Apocalypse Kernow

Part of the 8th Stroud Theatre Festival : Outside, Inside and Online...

Apocalypse Kernow is a comedy about a zombie apocalypse in Cornwall. That’s it. It is also a social commentary about rights and immigration. Apocalypse Kernow is a series of linked sketches by Greg Winders, that trace the story of how the disease of brain addiction came to Cornwall, with rumours circulating it could be the pasties. The story moves on to how all areas are affected, from whether super markets or Trago Mills will have to close down to the National Trust café subduing infected with cream tea. Then deciding whether to kill them based on whether they go cream or jam first. The Cornish are then ordered to find shelter but the only place offered is Plymouth, so few take this up. Those that do must pass a Devon citizenship test.

The story is a comment on modern society and the lengths people will go to not to offend, with a restauranteur committing murder to feed a zombie customer brains and a referendum on whether the murder of zombies should be acceptable.

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