Absolutely NOT The New Normal
Stroud Theatre Festival

Absolutely NOT The New Normal

Part of the 8th Stroud Theatre Festival : Outside, Inside and Online...

Scarcely normal pre-Covid, Sarah Hitchcock and Philip Douch now seize the opportunity to prove nothing much has changed. Seeking revenge on the Universe, they’ll spend an hour inflicting their slightly off the wall short stories on anyone sufficiently frustrated at the absence of live entertainment to consider signing up for something barely alive and perhaps only loosely entertaining. With different stories at each show, you could even come along twice, just to check that you weren’t hallucinating at the first one. It’s sometimes said (by Sarah and Philip actually) that a good short story makes its mark not just from the content but from the delivery. This gives our intrepid writer-performers double the chance to screw up. And since there’s two of them, the chances of disappointment mushroom further. See you there then.

Recommended for 16+

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