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Schools And Communities

The Everyman Theatre offers a wide range of learning and participation opportunities both within the theatre and out in community and educational settings. Our team of experienced actors and practitioners creatively work with a wide range of subject matter and topics appealing to any age range or ability. We run regular workshops and projects specifically created to support the curriculum, individual workshops or projects lasting over a series of weeks/terms or we will also happily design unique schemes of work for individual groups/classes.
The Everyman Theatre also works with specific funders and partner theatre companies to create a series of Theatre in Education productions and workshops for schools across the county. For more information please email


The Everyman theatre supports the drama & theatre manifesto. This has been led by the national campaign for the arts in extensive consultation with those involved in drama and theatre for children and young people in England. The manifesto recognises a common sense of purpose and a shared belief in the contribution drama and theatre makes to the quality of children’s lives in school and beyond. It is a call to action to young people, parents, teachers and Theatre Practitioners to unify their efforts and ensure that young people have access to drama and theatre.


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