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White Feather Boxer

White Feather Boxer

Take the Space, the company who brought you Sam & I, Hanging Hooke and Dolce Via return with a new play written by Siobhán Nicholas and performed by Chris Barnes and Julia Masli with dramaturgy from Chris Hannan and Michael Bogdanov

28th April 1967: in a shabby boxing gym in Bethnal Green, elderly trainer Jimmy listens to the news: Muhammad Ali, the heavyweight champion of the world is refusing to fight in Vietnam.

It’s a story Jimmy knows all too well. Back during WW1, he used to be a contender but with Conscription, conscientious objectors were sent to prison or the firing squad. The Quaker - Boxer made his choice but he still can’t face those demons from the past and now there’s Jo, an angry, stubborn new demon from the present! Women boxing!? Is that even legal? And he’s 70 now; training her in the noble art is going to take all his strength {not to mention his patience}...

This tiny company punches way above its weight – see them and experience meticulously researched theatre that stimulates, entertains and relies on skill and imagination” - The Public Review

"Julia Masli as Jo fizzed as a frustrated young female boxer at a time when women were discouraged from fighting" - Oxford Times

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