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Spectacle of Light - Haughley Park

Spectacle of Light - Haughley Park

Discover the night-time wonder of Haughley Park, beautifully brought to life through a wonderful spectacle of light and sound. Explore this magical illuminated trail, marvelling at the majestic trees and gorgeous gardens.

A magnificent array of sparkling sculptures and an amazing kaleidoscope of coloured parasols. Meteors, Moroccan Lanterns and much, much more. Enjoy the wonderful music as you discover each new secret of this romantic environment.

EarlyBird tickets, saving 25%, are only bookable online below
or by phone on 01242 705 555 for a limited period.
On the Day tickets are full price and only bookable in person at Haughley Park from 5.00pm onwards and are subject to availability.

Book Now to avoid disappointment.

For more detailed information visit spectacleoflight.co.uk/haughley-park

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