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Pulpy Friction at Glenfall House

Pulpy Friction at Glenfall House

Presented by The Valley Clan Collective
A Comedy by Glenn Andrews

Like a whodunnit, without knowing what it is that's been done - or to whom for that matter

It's time for the Woolly Gorge Pulpy Show and children's television star Jack Hoff has been drafted in as this year's celebrity judge... a gig he comes to regret taking as the judging descends into a chaos resulting in a police investigation before the results are announced. 

A rollercoaster tale of space exploration, sexual tension, pulpy consumption, virtual reality, monkey puppetry an cultural clashes at a village fete - and what if anything has the mysterious Krill Bill or the fabulous Bonko brothers have to do with it?

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20:00 Sat 22/06/2019 Outside Events

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