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Nature Knows Best

Nature Knows Best

TicTac Theatre (which stands for Two Is Company, Three’s A Crowd Theatre) specialises in two-handers and multi-role plays. Its ethos is to use the foundations of their training at Cygnet where the emphasis is on character driven story telling. Using minimal set Hannah and Scott wish to draw attention to the text and action of the play. They are delighted to be returning to the Everyman Studio with their new show.

Nature Knows Best is a compilation of three short comedy plays, written by Devonshire playwright Nick Discombe. Each play portrays a day in the life of three different animal couplings.

Sheep Mount is a hilarious, yet poignant piece, in which an ewe and a ram escape their depressing lives on an enclosed farm in Devon, to roam free on Dartmoor. The defiant ewe Zoe, who is fed up of the farmer taking her young, hopes to rescue her relationship with her ram, Wayne despite his roving eye. Meanwhile Wayne has had to contend with many horrible scientific treatments from the farmer.

Sea Gull Heaven gives us a look into the life of two gulls that have been living out their days at a tip where there are easy pickings for food, because of mans wasteful habits. But due to city dangers and a wasteful life they wish to get back to nature, so fly to the coasts of Dawlish where they aim to cleanse their spirits.

Seahorse Ride changes our perceptions as we see conventional roles within a relationship switch. The male of the species carries the children and gives birth to them and he is not all too happy about it. Not just for the obvious reason but also because of mans effects on environment, which are deteriorating any chance of his births being successful.

This production is directed by Jacquie Crago; voice coach for National Theatre productions One Man Two Guv'nors & Warhorse. As well as an actor and director Jacquie has also been Head of Voice at Oxford School of Drama, Voice Co-ordinator for Birmingham School of Acting and a Vocal Coach for the RSC.

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