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Naming The View

Naming The View

Presented by Finding The Will

Shakespeare’s comedy The Taming Of The Shrew concludes with a speech by the once feisty Katherine declaring unreserved obedience to her newly married husband. Her character has certainly changed, but is it because of their mutual love and understanding or the bullish controlling ways of her husband? Naming The View is a modern day re-imagining of Katherine after thirty years of marriage.

On a bench, gazing at the gob-smacking view from Cleeve Hill, Kate is unexpectedly joined by an irritating acquaintance from her past. An awkward conversation slowly reveals why their hopes and dreams never matched their expectations. Eventually they find the courage to break the shackles of controlling partners and relish the joy of freedom. It is never too late to explore new horizons.

FINDING THE WILL is stunning! Both writing and performances.” - Highlights Rural Touring

“Jules Hobbs and Richard Curnow have great skill and ability to hold and move an audience” - Edinburgh Festival

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