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An award-winning, pared-down version of Euripides' classic tale of betrayal and revenge. "A fabulous story, and powerful theatre."

Medea helped Jason win the Golden Fleece. They married and have two sons. Now Jason has ditched Medea for a younger woman - the daughter of the King – in a bid for power. Isolated and abandoned, Medea attacks Jason where he is most vulnerable - his lineage. She kills their children.

Medea is magnificent, there's no other word for it. In this play of a crime against nature and its provocations, multi story pull out all the stops. Medea isn't just written with the precision of a scalpel and acted with exquisite detail and emotion, this play finds the look that blends perfectly with the language and action. The triumph of this production is precisely that it articulates our deepest fears and gives voice to that part of the human soul that we want buried forever. Do anything you can to see this play.” - Robert Enright, Canadian Broadcasting Company

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