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Macbeth: a MiND toRMentED

Macbeth a MiND toRMentED

1918: War has been raging for 4 years and Macbeth is beginning to unravel. In the horror of war, the dead hath murdered his sleep. The guns have taken his peace and ravaged his mind. The lines between reality and fantasy are becoming blurred. He’s lost faith in the absolutes of good and evil.

When he leaves the Western Front– madness will follow him home.

All hail Macbeth: the story of Shakespeare's tragic soldier explored through the prism of PTSD on the bloody battlefields of WW1.

This is the third production in Ceridwen Theatre Company’s Centenary Cycle. Other plays in the cycle include the critically acclaimed Mametz Wood & Hell Was Passchendaele

"fully rounded characters and engrossing realities" The Stage
"a powerful night at the theatre" A Younger Theatre
"a beautifully crafted piece of storytelling" Female Arts

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