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GYTC - Worlds Apart

GYTC - Worlds Apart Travelling down a winding country road Misha lets out an exasperated sigh as her parents’ car passes the cage of bright green trees running alongside.

Convinced fresh country air is needed the family are visiting Grandfather Alexander in the isolated rural community he calls home. While exploring the grounds Misha discovers a shimmering portal hidden deep among the wilderness.

Where does this magical gateway lead?
Who will Misha meet in this mysterious universe?
One thing is for certain, she’ll be Worlds Apart.

The Gloucestershire Youth Theatre Company in association with the Everyman Theatre return with their second massive original musical production; featuring popular songs to be enjoyed by the entire family. With a cast of around 175 local young people aged between 8 & 18 this show promises to be something special.

We're sorry but there are no upcoming dates for this event.