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Fly Eddie Fly

Fly Eddie Fly

Presented by The Everyman Theatre Company and Everyman Youth Theatre
Book and Lyrics by Miranda Walker
Directed By Paul Milton
Music by Michael Childs
Designed By Phil R Daniels and Charles Cusick Smith

The heart-warming underdog story of an ordinary bloke at the centre of a worldwide media frenzy. Starring Eddie the Eagle himself as narrator.

It's 1988 and Great Britain has never had an Olympic ski-jumper. Step forward an unlikely man with a huge dream, cast iron nerves and milk bottle glasses. Yes, they steam up and he can't see straight as he throws himself down 90ft ski jumps! And yes, he comes in last... But fearless Eddie wins hearts around the world, and when our hero soars through the Calgary skies, he does it for all of us and we're right there with him...

But the story doesn't end there...

All is lost when Eddie's attempts to compete again are scuppered. Then 28 years later, he's working as a plasterer when news of Hollywood blockbuster Eddie The Eagle breaks. With a £23 million budget, Hugh Jackman in the cast and worldwide premieres it's media madness on a new level as Eddie becomes red carpet fodder.

With Eddie's stage debut, an uplifting score and a community cast supporting professionals, this action packed, feel-good comedy about dedication and tenacity is truly inspirational.

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