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Dorothy - The Airings of an Archers Actor's Aunt

Dorothy - The Airings of an Archers Actors Aunt

The indomitable Dorothy is the mainstay of Neighborhood Watch and scourge of litter louts. After losing her slot on hospital radio, due to an unfortunate incident with a golf ball and a pair of tights, she’s seized control of a new microphone. So she’s now broadcasting to the residents of her retirement home: Barmy Frank, Mad Alice, One-Armed Annie and the rest.

Of course, she has Media Connections, what with her niece Sunny being in The Archers – something she manages to slip into every conversation. Several times.

And she takes advantage of her new show to air her views about everything, from Desert Island Discs to doctors; from net curtains to corsets.

The multi-talented Sunny Ormonde (Lilian Bellamy in The Archers) gives a virtuoso performance as the unstoppable Dorothy in this hilarious play by Jane James.

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