Access In The Main House

Access In The Main House

Wheelchair and Mobility Aid Access

Our Main Auditorium offers access to patrons using mobility aids, such as wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and walkers with seats, during performances.

The removable seating is located on the left-hand side of the Stalls and is easily accessible through a dedicated ramp entering at Row L, ensuring flat access for patrons with mobility aids. The door from the ramp is 85cm wide.

Please note that there is no removable seating in Circle, Upper Circle or Balcony.

We currently do not offer online bookings for our accessible seating. Patrons are encouraged to book their tickets in person or through our Box Office line at 01242 572573.

Ramp Access

Transferring Into A Seat

We understand the importance of providing comfortable and accessible seating options for all our patrons, including those using mobility aids. Our Stalls area offers step-free access via a ramp, allowing patrons to easily travel to their seats while using their mobility aids.

Once seated, a member of our Ushering team will assist patrons in removing and safely storing their mobility aid until it is needed again. For patrons who prefer to transfer into their seat, we recommend the use of aisle seating on the left-hand side of the Stalls.

For patrons who prefer an elevated view of the stage, Circle Row E provides step-free access via a lift. However, please note that in case of an evacuation, lift access is not available. Therefore, for your safety, we ask that any patron seated in the Circle can independently use the stairs in an emergency or attend with a companion who can assist.

There is no step free access into seating on Upper Circle or Balcony.

Storing Your Mobility Aid During A Performance

Once patrons are comfortably seated, a member of the Ushering team will store mobility aids underneath the stairs in the Stalls foyer. Unfortunately, mobility aids cannot be kept in the auditorium unless they are being used as seating in the removable seating areas.

Hearing Enhancement

We have a sound enhancement system. Using a headset (with or without a hearing aid) you can boost the volume of the performance. Ask our ushers for your headset

Please note: this is not a loop system, it is an infra-red system. In order to use the infra-red hearing system whilst wearing a hearing aid you will need to have a T-setting on your hearing aid. If you are not sure, please speak to your audiologist prior to your visit to the theatre. Without a T-setting your hearing aid will not be able to connect to the infra-red system.

Top tips for enhancing your visit if you are hard of hearing:

  • Book a seat close to the front. Hearing aids lose their effectiveness beyond a certain distance so the closer you are to the stage, the better the experience
  • If using one of our headsets (either with or without a hearing aid) ensure that it's not covered by any clothing (e.g. a scarf) so as not to block the infra-red signal

Any queries, please feel free to contact us (or your audiologist) in advance of your visit, or talk to an usher on the night. For more information email 

Hearing Enhancement

Accessible Toilet

We have an accessible toilet on Stalls level to the left of Row C. This toilet requires a Radar Key for entrance, so please ask one of our staff if you do not already have one.

Chill Out Space

We have a chill out space in the bar with seating and a live feed of the show for anybody that is overwhelmed during a performance. 

Assistance Dogs

All assistance dogs are welcome in any part of The Everyman at any time, including during a performance. If you require an assistance dog to be with you for a performance, please let our Box Office know on 01242 572 573, or our dedicated access line - 01242 705559. Information regarding the performance that may affect your assistance dog is available from any of the contacts above.

Seat Information and Seat View

Please click on the button below for detailed information regarding individual seats and the view from each. 

Please note, the width of the seat implies the distance in cm between each armrest and the leg room implies the distance in cm from the front of the seat when folded down to the back of the seat or wall in front.

Seating Information and Seat View